What is Therapy?

As individuals we have to discern whether we really need therapy and wonder will therapy really help me? Research has shown therapy to be effective in reducing majority of symptoms for a wide range of mental disorders, help increase communication skills, more satisfaction and general well-being overall.

Talk therapy is often used to treat a number of different mental conditions and problems for an individual, couple, family, or child/ren. The therapist is often a trained professional who helps you manage your condition via talk therapy. The therapist will ask you specific questions and listen to what you would like to address in your current life. She/he will provide you the support and knowledge you need to help you manage your issues.

Typically, the therapist will help you identify your current issues. He/she will assess what brings you to therapy and clarify as needed.

  1. First the problem and/or issue/s you would like to work on will be identified and organized to set goals. Here are some examples:

    Anxiety Panic disorders Depression Loneliness Infidelity Grief/Bereavement Witnessing or experiencing trauma Adhd Stress Infertility Obsessions/Compulsions Change of Residence Job Issues Blended family problems/In-laws/stepchildren Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Premarital issues Divorce/Separation Adolescent stage of child Sexual problems/addictions Boundary issues with a loved one Retirement Addictions/Codependency Life purpose/motivation Eating disorders Insomnia

  2. Then, goals will be established by you and the therapist.

  3. Then the therapist will often implement his/her treatment that is often dependent on their approach to therapy. Every therapist has their own unique style, experience, and knowledge/expertise. For instance, if you and your partner were to come into my session I would and begin to gather information to identify your problems. Then I would teach both of you ways different ways of communicating during the session right away. Additionally we will enact ways in which we can reorganize your ways of thought patterns and emotional expression during session. I as a therapist will be very directive and empathic during the session and guide you through the process in a gentle, compassionate manner.